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You know the old sayings by now!  "A picture's

worth a thousand words".  "Seeing is believing".  One thing that Deb's will gaurantee is that she won't take shortcuts when it comes to reupholstering your piece of furniture.  At Deb's Upholstery & Repair Service you will get what you pay short covering over "old" fabric.  You wouldn't put a band-aid on something that requires surgery would you?

Of course not!  So why would you find an upholsterer who might be "cheaper" & doing exactly that....putting a new cover on something that requires intensive care to the "insides".

Springs will be padding.....frames tightened....anything that needs to be done, will be done, so that you the customer can get many more years of enjoyment & comfort from your piece of furniture!  So if you want it done professionally call or e-mail Deb's Upholstery & Repair Service today  & "Go with a woman's touch" for the quality work that you deserve! 


Custom Work & Repairs


Do you have a new window seat that needs a custom cushion & maybe some throw pillows?  Call or email Deb's...she will discuss the options best suited for you!

Do you have a sofa or chair that is in great shape yet cushions seem to be wore out? Call or email Deb's & she can put new foam  in your existing covers!

Call or email Deb's with whatever custom or repair job you need & she will do her best to accomodate you!

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